Immortal memoir

My ears perceive the sounds of my memoir mellifluous off-to home bell that tolls me back in here Those dusty walls do the talking of the times of hows and whens and the air gets it right into my nagging heart clouds crowd in this mind being the wild blue yonder .. forming dark voids... Continue Reading →


Face To Face with the setting sun

Stressful times hopes for better times dreaming to wake up to a horizon thats brights up Looking at clouds for long saw them taking forms and go can this help me way somehow but then they swift away so soon The sun slipped into the sea and despair was all I've seen nothing would make... Continue Reading →

Deep In Thy Thoughts

For echoes have i lend my ears to drive my thoughts to something fair everything in here seems so dry for all those laughs and gasps been high I've been deep in thoughts to tell u that you asked me neither once nor twice but kept it once and close to my heart but now... Continue Reading →


I wonder how... this world swift through time and me stuck with things in this mind of mine longing to curl up into those old times I used to opulent time I placed my comely face against the window panes and watched those kids playing on those rides that i once had played on climbing... Continue Reading →

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